A Walk In The Park (Turn Bad)

Cindy was walking through the local park after dumping her latest victim in the village pond. At 16 years of age Cindy was well feared she was a bully, all the school teachers of her school were scared of her, her own family were scared of her, even the village police constable who was close to retiring was scared of her, taxi drivers would not pick her up. Cindy was talking on the phone to her only friend, the breeze was blowing the very flimsy material of her summer dress, the breeze was getting stronger all the time, Cindy told her friend the wind was getting strong her friend told her that a gale was forecast before the phone went dead, Cindy checked the phone saw a blank grey screen with the message no signal, Cindy cursed, the breeze had now turned into a wind which blew Cindy’s dress right up, Cindy was not bothered she could see nobody about but pushed the skirt down and walked on, the wind had got heavy and her dress blew right up again, the 4 boys from her school who she had bullied were watching from the comfort of the cricket pavilion one of who said ” look she ain’t wearing panties look at that cute bum” another stated it is her cunt I am looking at, Cindy was unaware of the boys watching and thought it was a waste of time pushing the skirt down and left it up. the wind got stronger Cindy tried walking but found it hard then a gust of wind caught the dress and it tore off blowing away, to the joy of the boys Cindy was naked her firm ample boobs showing one of the boys made a phone call and after a few minutes more boys turned up admiring the naked bully girl, Cindy decided to go to the pavilion for shelter when she got there and opened the door she was greeted by 10 horny teenage boys who quickly pinned her on the floor, one declared fuck the bitch with others agreeing, Cindy saw a couple of erect dicks appear struggled but could not get free and soon felt a hard dick slide up her love tunnel and start thrusting away while hands rubbed her boobs, her nipples were being pinched, soon the dick in her pulled out and another took it’s place while her boobs were being sucked and fondled, another dick took the place of the one in her then one went in her mouth and soon filled it with sperm, the boy thrusting in her suddenly said ” the bitch is loving it she has cum” after a hour all ten boys had taken a turn on Cindy’s love tube or mouth and had gone leaving a naked Cindy to recover, Cindy found a blanket and battled through the wind and rain home. Next day in school Cindy was quiet and over the next couple of weeks the villagers noticed a big change in Cindy all for the better. Cindy avoided the park and never went out when it was windy.


The Farm

16 year old Mandy was well fed up, schools were on holiday and her parents had gone away for a week leaving her on her own to run the farm that was miles from town. Mandy knew her mate Sara would be over in a hour, she got out of bed went and had a shower after which she did not dress just put a gown on went and had breakfast, as she finished Sara arrived wearing her baggy tee shirt and shorts. The two girls sat talking for a while until Mandy said come on you can help me feed the pigs. The two sixteen year old girls headed towards the pig sty and after feeding the pigs went to the boar pen where the 12 boars were making a heck of noise. Mandy got the feed pushed the gate but it would not open, she said “fucking thing about time fixed it” and started to climb the fence, as she swung her leg over the top a boar hit the fence hard making it wobble causing Mandy to fall head first into the pen landing flat on her front, Sara quickly jumped down into the pen to help Mandy up, the boars were trampling over Mandy as they scrambled to get the spilled feed, Mandy screamed “get the fucking things off me” As Sara bent to help Mandy a boar knocked her flying, now both girls were struggling with the boars trampling over them, Mandy felt her tee shirt being tugged as the boar hunted for food, the flimsy material tore and the tee shirt came away, Sara was trying to get up and felt her gown which was flapping open being pulled the gown came off leaving the hapless Mandy naked, Sara was trying to fight the boars off and felt her shorts go the same way her tee shirt had, now both girls were naked, Mandy screamed “get off me” as the animals licked her body looking for food, she heard Sara yell “ this is licking my cunt” Mandy managed to get to her knees but was pushed forward landing on her hands she then felt a heavy weight on her back and saw hoofs either side of her face, she struggled but could not get up she then felt something wet slide across her bum and realised a boar was humping her, Mandy struggled but not get the boar off she then the wet thing on the lips of her pussy and screamed in horror as it slid inside her and start to hump, she yelled “help me it is fucking me” she hear Sara give a garbled sound managed to look round and saw a boar humping her face, after awhile the boar on her stopped and got off she turned tried to pull the boar from Sara but felt another boar mount her she saw a board had mounted Sara and was humping her, after what seemed like hours the boars left the girls and both girls climbed out the pen and fell on the ground exhausted, after awhile Sara said “I got boar spunk in my mouth” Mandy said “I think at least 4 fucked me” Sara said “I had three fuck me 1 in my mouth” she looked at Mandy then added “your nipples are well erect you enjoyed it” Mandy said “you can talk look at yours” both girls went to the house and showered after they sat in the kitchen, Sara said “hey we ain’t got to feed the horses have we” Mandy said “no but we got to feed the boars again in 8 hours” 8 hours later both girls were naked on hands and knees in the boar pen

Aliens Jerk-Off High School Boys

At the first sign of the spaceship all the teachers and other staff had ran from the school leaving the pupils to fend for them selves not long after the staff had fled strange shaped figures had emerged from the space ship and entered the school where all the pupils had gathered in the assembly hall with the head prefect 17 year old Mark trying to control them and keep them calm, a strange l thick web had been spun round the entire building nobody could get into the building nor could they see in attempts to cut the web had failed even heat was not making any mark on the web like structure. 16 year old Amy a tough girl announced she was going to the basement to see if they could get out that way and slowly eased past the strange figures, after getting past the figures 16 year Tony started to follow Amy but vines from the figures wrapped round Tony’s ankles and wrists stopping him from moving, his mates rushed to help him but also were held by vines, suddenly a vine slid inside the trouser legs of the hapless boys and up under their clothes and shredded them leaving them naked the girls looked on in Awe at the dicks of the naked boys, the figures moved forward and soon every boy in the school had been secured and stripped naked by the figures, the girls were all staring in awe at the sight of the naked boys, the vines started running over the boys dicks and soon every boy had an erection, the girls were staring in disbelief, one girl said, “fucking hell look at Steve’s cock it must be 9 inches” the vines started moving again Mandy yelled ” the boys are getting wanked off by” vines were stroking each boys erection  little cup like objects appeared from the figures, Cindy said to her little sister who had only just started big school ” keep watching you will see them spunk off” her sister replied you don’t need to tell me to watch I am watching other girls called out ” so am I ” a boy squirted his come which was caught in the cup the figure nearest him was holding, as boy after boy squirted their cum there were cheers from the schools the biggest cheer went up when Steve squirted 5 spurts, the creatures had caught the sperm of each boy in the cups they had. The creatures left the school with their valuable cargo of sperm that would feed their fellow beings for a year















The Blackout

In the mid-seventies I was an airline stewardess (back when that was the accepted term) on international flights, stationed in Chicago. Like most of the girls I was never in one place long, so we shared a top-of-the-line condo. There were five of us girls full time and four part time, which meant they only paid when they spent the night. Barbara Ann was one of those, born in the Virgin Islands from a native mother and British father. She was drop dead gorgeous, one of those who made the women take notice when she entered a room, much less causing the men to fall all over the place.

Barbie was average height, but that was the only thing average about her. She was dark skinned, long black hair and the dreamiest of brown eyes. She had small breasts, but they matched her willowy figure perfectly, with a voice and British accent that could make you forget who you were.

Back then I was stereotypical stewardess material, five-ten, slender, blonde and a full ‘c’ cup. Besides work, my main objective in life was getting laid as often as possible, in as many places as possible, and I was good at my hobby. There were no problems or worries like there are now, all I had to do was remember to take my pill every day. Other than that, anything, anywhere, or just about anyone was a go for me.

Last few months I had seen Barbie plenty of times, mostly in the terminal, but only a few times when she was coming or going at the apartment. But, one time we both had the same layover in Chicago, well she was finishing her lay-over, I was just coming home for a few days, a rare occasion. There was a bad storm and everything was grounded, I barely got in, so it was just the two of us for the night.

“So Jordie, what are we going to do tonight?” Barbie asked.

“You mean besides going out stalking and bagging men, hopefully hung decently?”

She giggled. “Yeah, that is a given. I mean where?”

“Most in the neighborhood bars know half the stewardess flying out of Chicago live around here and they are dickheads. Won’t even buy you a drink, or take your panties off, they just want to nail a stewardess. Could go out by the lake, or crosstown, and—”

“In that shit out there? Are you bloody kidding?”

I laughed. “From someone born in the fun and sun that might look nasty, but it’s just a little weather here. Let me get a shower, and we’ll see how it is.”

It was really coming down by the time I was ready to go, and I conceded, “Alright, this is a bit nasty. Still, we can go to one or two nearby bars. Hey, we might get lucky.”

Lights blinked out, and Barbie asked, “Is this lucky here?”

“Considering we haven’t left yet, yes indeed it is,” I offered optimistically. “And seeing this isn’t that uncommon we’re prepared for it.”

I went to get the flashlight out of the drawer and ran into her. Barbie’s ultra soft skin sent an electrical charge through me, all of it seeming to end in my crotch. She reached out to steady me and grabbed my breasts, immediately getting my nipples rock hard. “You okay?” She asked so sweetly, just holding them.

“Yeah, ah, just fine. I thought you were behind me.” She let go of me, and I steadied myself with the counter, and took a deep breath. God, I was glad the lights were off, so she could not see how flushed I was. With the flashlight on I shone it on the counter. “There’s the matches. We have logs for the fireplace and candles around the place, kitchen, living room and bathroom, all the essentials—”

“What about the bedrooms?”

“Forget them,” I informed her, lighting the candle in the kitchen. “You’ll freeze to death if the electricity doesn’t come back on. We have to sleep by the fire. Just take a candle in and get into your comfy p.js and ride it out. If we get lucky it’ll only be a few hours, but if not we have plenty of blankets since the others aren’t here.”

“Maybe, we should go out for a while, it’s kind of scary. Electricity might not be out—”

“I don’t want laid that bad! We’re warm now. Go out and get cold, it’ll be impossible to warm back up, without a roaring fire, and we don’t have that many logs. We’ll spend the night shivering our asses off.”

“Oh well, screw them blokes. There’s a six-pack in the cooler, we shall just have to have a party by ourselves. What do we do now?”

“I’ll get the fire going, you go get the blankets off the beds, then we can make a bed,” I instructed, handing her the flashlight. “Do you want to sleep on the couch?”

“Think it’ll be better if we both sleep on the floor. I heard our body warmth will keep us warmer,” Barbie recommended.

God, I couldn’t believe I’d be sleeping in the same bed with her, I was going to be drenched, which I was better than halfway there already. I thought about going in the bathroom to take care of the present and future problem. Something I hadn’t done in ages, but I had no good reason to be in there. Besides, Barbie didn’t sound like she was in any condition to be left alone for very long.

In no time we had a nice bed in front of the fire. A very small bed, and I felt my face flush every time I thought about it, which was constantly. “We have a gas stove, so no eating frozen food. Have jiffy-pop, hot chocolate and marshmallows if you just want goodies. Better take a candle in to get dressed, it is easier,” I said, trying to get my mind off off her.

Didn’t waste a lot of time getting undressed, or check on my problem, because I was afraid I’d automatically start fingering myself. Barbie wasn’t out yet when I returned wearing my long flannel top and cotton bottoms. I didn’t like flannel bottoms, always made me too hot, and being as they weren’t sold that way, it was always a mismatched set, making me look like laundry day was tomorrow. Since I was here first I chose my side of the bed, one farthest from the fire. It wasn’t much, but I didn’t need any more heat on me for a while.

I was deep in thought, and hadn’t even heard her come in. “Did you want me to shag some pints?” She asked, nearly on top of me.

Looking up I cried out, “Holy shit!” Barbie was standing there in a sheer baby doll nightie, a very short baby doll, barely reaching that enticing belly button of hers. With a string bikini bottom, just as sheer, and might have been classified as a g-string. You practically could count the hairs on her full black bush, and her nipples were a shade darker than her dark areolas, which were half the size of her breasts. “T-that isn’t going to k-keep you too w-warm.”

“Seems to have done all right with you in that department, you’re starting to sweat, love.” She gave me a gentle poke in my right nipple with the hairbrush she was holding. “You want a pint?”

“Most definitely.” I wiped my forehead, and had to wonder if I’d sent the wrong signals, when she touched my breasts. My right nipple was as hard as it had ever been, tenting out the flannel, which Barbie did not miss. Only thing hotter than my flushed face was my pussy. Hell, I was staring to wonder what signals I wanted to send.

She gave me the beer, then sat down in front of me, flats of her feet down and legs spread apart. I could see the pink of her pussy, and it was glistening, reflecting the firelight. “So, do you want to have fun?”


“Yeah, girl fun? Just because we’re stuck here doesn’t mean it has to be boring and—”

“You’re gorgeous, but I’m in to men.”

“Yeah, so am I. But, if you haven’t noticed, there are none about,” Barbie pointed out.

“I’ve never done it before,” was my only excuse, but I hadn’t come out and said no, nor did I think I could.

“Don’t worry, it’s completely natural to women. It’s as easy as breathing, and I shall only do things you’re comfortable with. As for you, you can do anything you wish with me.”

I’m staring straight at her pussy, which now has twice as much pink showing and beads of moisture. This makes me think of mine, and I can feel it’s so hot and wet. I squirm a bit, and think it’s like Poe’s, ‘Telltale Heart,’ I know she can hear it making sloppy noises.

“How about you try a little kiss?” Barbie suggested. “If you don’t like it, we can just sit here and drink the pints.”

I still don’t have the words to say, ‘no.’ But, I have the strength to nod my head. She moves closer to me, cutting off my view of her pussy, but brushing her hard nipple against my arm. Had to be an inch long and nearly that wide, easily twice mine. Cradling my head between her hands she brought her lips to mine.

Don’t know what I was expecting, certainly no kiss like Tommy Jenkins gave me in fourth grade, my first. Probably more like a good-night kiss after having a great time out on your first date with a new man. What I got was a sensation that went all the way to my toes, a warm tingling sensation. As soon as I became responsive her tongue was in my mouth. It was so intense, and I gladly stuck my tongue in her mouth. She pressed harder and I gently fell back on to the bed, without her losing contact with my lips.

She broke just long enough for me to catch my breath, and her to stretch out alongside me. Her hand was rubbing my stomach as she kissed me again. Her hand slid under my cotton bottoms and over the outside of my panties. She cupped my pussy pushing the wet crotch back into me, letting me know how wet they truly were.

She broke our kiss and sat up long enough to remove my bottoms, with the only movement from me being to raise my hips up so she could get them off. She didn’t take off my panties, even though I gave her no hint I wouldn’t allow it. Hell, I would’ve gladly ripped them off myself, if she asked.

Caressing my stomach ever so lightly, she just laid back down beside me and we kissed. She slipped her hand under my panties, and ran her middle finger between my inner lips, but not in me. I moaned into her mouth, which seemed to increase her kissing, and she slipped that finger in me, getting a little whimper out of me. She was making me feel so good, I thought I should return the favor.

Awkwardly groped her a bit before finally getting my hand right and cupping her hot, wet pussy. “Finger me,” she requested.

It was simple to bring my hand up, then under her panties, and back down to her pussy, easily sliding my middle finger in. Besides mine, this was the first pussy I had ever touched. It seemed so much more than mine, softer, hotter, wetter, slicker, and muskier.

Her hand was now unbuttoning my top and soon those silky soft lips were nuzzling my nipples, while she went back to fingering me. She was rubbing my clit with the palm of her hand while diddling me with two fingers. I climaxed and she let me calm down and catch me breath.

Running the handle on the hairbrush over my panty covered slit she kissed me. “You know what the best thing about me not being a man?”

“Uhn-uhn,” is all I can pant.

“I don’t go soft, ever!” She kissed me again, then sucked in a mouthful of my tit. “Love, I say you’re going to cum at least twenty times tonight. Want to bet me?”


“You want your wet panties off, and me to eat you?”

“Uh-huh, pl-please-e.”

She took my top off before getting rid of my panties. Placing my legs over her shoulders she buried her face in my muff. Again, I thought I had been ate before, but none of those men were within light-years of what she did to me. Licking, fingering, sucking, nibbling and tongue fucking me, all in random patterns, and in a random fashion.

Once I was climaxing, she didn’t ease up, she had a hold of my clit like a pit bull, sending me into wave after wave of orgasms. Another first for me.

I don’t know what happened, but when I was finally able to speak only thing that came out was, “You want me to do you?”

“Yes! Please, yes, if you want to.”

An hour ago I would’ve never thought this possible, alright maybe an hour ago it did cross my mind, but a day ago I had definitely never thought I might find myself in this position. “I think so.”

“You do not have to, if you do not—”

“No, I want to, definitely want to.” I ran a fingertip down her cheek. “Just not sure what to do, or if I’ll be able to please you, but I want to please you.”

Laughing she started peeling off her clothes. “Trust me, baby doll, you will do just fine, I am betting on you being a natural.” Barbie was out of her clothes and straddling my head, burying her face back in my pussy.

Once again, I had no clue of what to expect, but being as she had a stronger smell I figured it’d be the same in taste. Not that I go around tasting myself, but I had on occasion, being slightly curious. I wouldn’t call it stronger, spicier, more tart yes, thicker, yes, an altogether pleasant sensation, definitely yes! A woman slipping and sliding all over your face moaning into your pussy, and with no fear of choking to death, or even gagging, it was sensational and then some.

I did as Barbie had, this and that, repeating what she seemed to be enjoying most, while trying out other areas. Wasn’t long til she was climaxing, and I went for her clit, which was now larger than mine had ever been, making it an easy target to find and grasp between my lips. My chin was flooded with a slick warmth as my lover screamed into my pussy. After a while she quit climaxing and I let go of her clit like she had done to me. I licked her outer labia and ran my tongue into her, lapping up that sweetness which was everywhere, again like she had done to me.

Wasn’t expecting what came next, Barbie stuck her tongue in my butthole, getting me to tense up like when a man used to tell me he slipped, and cause for me to stop everything. No one had ever done that to my butthole, nor had I ever asked anyone to. I was about to crawl out from under her when I noticed it felt good, damn good.

Just lay there a bit, with Barbie’s pussy on my face, trying to figure out was happening, what I was feeling, what I was going to do. It was then I noticed those low contented moans were coming from me as my bottom squirmed around trying to get better contact on her tongue, as she worked two fingers in my pussy. Now she had a finger in my butt and she was licking all up and down my crack. I was purring like a cat.

I was soon doing the same to her little bottom and did a good enough job she was purring loudly, just prior to us both having a tremendous, as well as long orgasm together.

When through she crawled back up to me and started kissing me. Judging by her face she wasn’t the only one who had flooded the place. She sucked on my nipple and swirled that talented tongue around it before inquiring, “You lose that bet?”

“I’ve no idea, but my guess would be, yeah, a while back.”

“Hm-m, you don’t sound all that convinced, maybe that will change shortly. And I would have won the other bet too, you are a natural,” Barbie informed me, as her mouth got to work, and her hand slid down my belly. “This will warm you up for your real fucking.” In no time she was running the hairbrush handle in my pussy, while sucking on my clit, giving me two more orgasms.

While I panted she gave me a kiss. “Have to pee, be right back.”

Could not even nod, just lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to catch my breath, thinking about what she meant by a ‘real fucking.’ I didn’t know what she might call it, but that was the best fucking I had ever had before.

“All right Love, you ready to get serious?”

Took all my strength to turn my head, and I couldn’t believe what I saw, Barbie standing there, wearing a strap-on dildo, a big one. It had to be eight or nine inches long and three inches thick. Her wicked smile sent a shiver down my back, and my nipples got hard.

Stroking the rubber dick with one hand Barbie made a circular motion with the other hand. “On all fours, baby doll. I am going to fuck your sweet pussy, then do your bum.”

My butt was virgin, and I didn’t even think about protesting, just rolled over, then rose up on all fours. Barbie rubbed the small of my back saying, “Love, put your pretty head on the blanket and your little bum up in the air.”

Did as told, managing to croak, “Be gentle.”

She rubbed the small of my back while kissing my butt cheeks. “Always love, always.” Barbie licked my sopping wet slit. “Any time you want to stop, say the word. What do you want, baby doll?”

“You’re as beautiful of a lover as you are a person.” I lay my head on the blanket. “I want you to take my virgin butt, then I’m going to eat your pussy.”

“Um-m, sounds delightful.” She ran that thick head up and down my slit. “As I said, you can do anything you want to me, if you are sure you want to.”

I giggled. “Oh, if I was ever sure about something in my life, it’s I want more of your pussy, a lot more.”

She slid that big pecker in me, without me even wincing. I was in heaven, her slow-fucking me to two orgasms before slipping the hairbrush handle in my butt. She got hold of my clit and set me off on wave after wave of orgasms. I was squealing and screaming so much I thought someone would bust the door down to see who was getting killed. After a dozen hard orgasms and at least as many normal ones I was surprised I had not passed out.

Barbie pulled out of me and I fell over on my side, then she rolled me on to my back. Giggling she kissed my nipples, then up my body to my mouth. By the time she made it to my mouth I had recovered enough to kiss her back, holding her tight to my body. She brushed the hair off my sweat-covered face. “You are one sexy woman, very hot, very sensual. It was my pleasure to please you.”

“No way, it was all my pleasure, time and time again.” I kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth, then giggled. “I was a little scared you were going to fuck my bottom with your big pecker, but loved what you did.”

She gave me that wicked smile and kissed me on the chin. “Baby doll, I am going to fuck your little bum with my big wanker.” My eyes got huge, and she chuckled, cupping both of my breasts. “Not to fret, it will be fine. You needed a little break, and are going to fuck me, before you get yours.”

“Do I get to wear the dick?” Barbie gave me a nod, and started undoing the straps. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, getting her to coo. Was really liking this being in control thing. “Want you on your back, so I can take care of these lovely titties properly. But first I get my dick and your pussy.”

“Um-m, like the way you think, Love, a natural lady pleaser indeed.”

Barbie helped me strap my dick on, then lay back and spread her legs. I didn’t hesitate even for a second, just dove right in to her pussy. Didn’t take long to figure out why men aren’t as talented as women at eating pussy, their dicks get in the way. Took me trying a dozen different positions before I could get halfway comfortable with the monster attached to me. Still, I managed to give Barbie a pair of orgasms, before crawling between her legs.

Sucking her nipples and kissing her I took my time inserting my rubber dick in her pussy. Started a nice slow fuck, and was really liking this, almost as much as Barbie. She made near as much noise as I had, and came close to as many orgasms.

I pulled out and lay beside my beautiful lover, kissing and caressing her. “You were wonderful, pretty lady, even gave me an orgasm.”

“Well,” Barbie giggled, “you handled it like a pro, and I do not have a clue how many you blessed me with.” She reached down and gave the dildo a little tug. “You ready to get this wanker from outside of you to inside?”

Was so horny, no hesitation this time, had my dick off, handed it to Barbie, then planted my face in the blanket, wiggling my butt in the air. Could not wait, started fingering both holes and Barbie laughed. “Guess I do no not have to ask about your bum this time.”

“Not a chance. I want you taking my bottom, then if I’m still alive I’m going to do your bottom.” I pulled her to me and kissed her. “But first I’m going to eat your pussy.”

Swatting me on the butt Barbie laughed. “My goodness, you have it bad, trying to make up for a lifetime of missed pussy in one night.” She kissed me. “I’m very happy and proud that night was with me.”

“If I have anything to say about it, this won’t be the last.”

“No, that is definite.” She kissed me and cupped my pussy, sliding her middle finger in me, getting me to coo. Barbie ran her hand down my back. “Now my love, I am going to fuck your bum.”

I was going to suggest getting the baby oil out of the bathroom, but I was soaked, from the small of my back to mid-way down my thighs. She licked and fingered my butthole, before attempting to fuck me, which she did masterfully, again not even getting me to wince. While Barbie was busy with my butt I did my pussy with the hairbrush handle, knowing where my next check was going to, toys.

That wonderful rubber dick and her got me off another handful of times, before it was my turn. This time I ate her delicious pussy before strapping on my dick, and judging by orgasms I did a fantastic job.

There was no doubt I lost the bet long before we fell asleep, hell she would’ve probably won if the number had been a hundred. We woke in each other’s arms and started all over, keeping at it until she was called in to work at eleven-thirty. Have no idea when the electricity came back on, and hadn’t even stoked the fire. There was no need, we heated the place up nicely all by ourselves

How I Became A Sugar Baby

I stepped out of the pool into the cool night air and wrapped my robe around my incredibly thin body. I looked at the lake and walked into the large house that I was now living in. I went through the enclosed back porch and into the living room area. Jim was sitting in the recliner as usual watching Thursday night football. I waited for a commercial and stepped in front of his chair and opened my robe showing him my beautiful thin body with my small tits and well-shaved pussy. Then I turned around to show him my incredible skinny well shaped ass. I joked and asked Jim “have I gained anymore weight”? He looked me over closely and said “yes, at least ten pounds, you look much better than you did three months ago when I first met you”. Your gorgeous honey. I know this may sound absolutely crazy but that was three months ago and now my whole life has changed. What started out as a casual friendship with a lonely old man had sprung into something wonderful. This old guy saved my life and I loved him for it.

The trouble was before; I didn’t think I was gorgeous even when a man said I was. I thought I was too tall, to thin, had no tits and my face was not full, I had a very low opinion of myself which led me to be depressed, not eat and I was borderline anorexic. I developed health problems and was living on social security disability. I was in line at the Post Office and saw this nice looking very stocky guy with silver white hair standing in front of me. He was pretty good looking for his age. He was giving some advice on VA Disability to a friend and I joined the conversation about my social security disability case. I commented $840.00 is not a lot to live on. He looked at me and I could tell he thought I was attractive.

Jim was parked next to me and as we got in our cars he joked with me and said “hey k**, don’t you ever eat”. He was complementing me in a nice way on my thin figure. The truth was, I didn’t eat because I had no money for food. But I said “I eat, just not often enough”. Jim laughed and said, “well let’s go to the Rib Shack down the street and I’ll buy you dinner, I’m going there anyway”. Jim bought me a huge rib dinner and I ate it like I hadn’t had a meal in days, which was true. During dinner he said he was retired and his wife died a few years ago and didn’t have much to do. He casually said, you ever need anything give me a call and he handed me his card.

Well one thing led to another and like most young college k**s I had a shit load of problems. Jim seemed to be able to solve them all. He picked me up when my junk car broke down and gave me his second car to use, he corrected my college papers so my grades went up, he told me about Pell Grants and now I was getting more money for tuition. But most of all he took me to dinner three to four times a week just for good conversation, and it wasn’t to MacDonald’s!!! I went to the finest restaurants in town, usually the bill was sixty or seventy dollars, and he acted like it was nothing. Then when my girlfriends graduated and I could no longer afford my rent, I was on the verge of being evicted. So what did Jim do, he gave me a free room, with a private bath and walk-in closet in his big house with a pool. He got bored and liked to shop so now I was wearing clothes from Macy’s and Dillard’s not WAL-MART. I was really growing close to this old man and here he was old enough to be my grandfather.

Then one night it happened. Jim was half asleep on the couch and I looked down at his beautiful silver hair and just lay next to him to feel close. Soon we began passionately kissing and holding each other. Jim was so good to me he deserved to be treated liked this. He was worthy of having a beautiful young women as a lover. We made love for the first time that night and it was wonderful. We both were starved for both sex and loving attention.
Jim carried me to his massive bedroom and I whispered, “Jim it’s been years since I have had a man, I’m very petite, be gentle. I laid back and spread my long legs. Jim gently inserted his cock right into my wet pussy. Then we began a slow rhythmic fucking. I was so thin his cock filled me all the way as he fucked me. I moaned softly as he increased his rhythm giving me full thrusts. Soon I was meeting each thrust at every turn. My ass and hips moved smoothly up and down Jim’s cock.

I was not very experienced but I knew Jim was ready to explode and just could not hold it any longer, he shot his semen deep into my pussy at the same time I was having an orgasm. We had gone without sex for so long we continued to thrust our hips upward and downward to meet each other. We just kept fucking in a dance of intense love, both are bodies were in perfect rhythm as we made love together. Then my young body shuddered as I attained an orgasm. Jim still thrust his cock deep inside me and soon deposited all of his semen into my pussy. Then we both fell back exhausted.

Now this is an example of our life together this evening we had dinner at the Fish Shack. We drove there in my new Ford Mustang. Jim planned to watch football. I was in my room studying. I said to him “let me know when its halftime, and he said sure Cindy, I’ll let you know. About thirty minutes later Jim called me and said it’s almost half-time. I had put on my silk Victoria Secrets short robe and matching panties. I came out to him and sat on the plush leather couch and lay sideways with a fuck me look in my eyes. He had been stroking his cock minutes before halftime so it would be nice and hard for me. Being older, getting hard was a problem for him, although it never bothered me. When it didn’t get hard he just ate my pussy and he certainly knew his way around a woman’s pussy.

I knew Jim liked it when I was a little crude, so I opened my robe. My little tits were fully visible to my much older lover. I said “do you want to fuck my skinny ass, or do you want a blow job”. He came over to the couch and stood up and I knew just what he wanted. I sat up and reached out and grabbed his hard organ and put it into my skinny mouth. It looked huge compared to my thin face and small mouth. But I would do anything for Jim so I began sucking his cock.
Jim’s cock was long and the head was perfectly shaped, his skin was so soft.

As usual I began sensuously kissing and licking his shaft as his cock twitched in response. Then I worked my way down to his large soft balls, I could tell by the way Jim reacted that he enjoyed this. I concentrated on each ball, licking and softly sucking it in my mouth. I had learned from Jim to be a great oral lover and I lingered over his balls licking them and then drawing them into my mouth and slowly sucking each ball. Then I put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. Soon his whole cock was getting really hard. I thought to myself maybe I could get him to cum tonight?

I decided I would use all the limited sexual skills I had to please my man tonight. I began moving my lips up and down his shaft. I began sucking just the top of his cock in a rhythmic up and down motion. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the whole thing in my mouth. Jim said “my god I can see the head of my dick in your throat”. I knew I had made Jim happy which had become a big part of my new life.

I began moving my head up and down his cock, it went all the way past my throat every time. Jim was in ecstasy, moaning loudly and saying “suck it, suck it, Cindy, my God this is fucking incredible”!!! Then I felt his back arching and I knew this was a sign that Jim would soon cum in my mouth. I decided to stroke his cock and only suck the top half; this would ensure a more sensual release. Soon I began to taste that familiar salty taste of a man’s cum entering my mouth. Jets of his hot sperm entered my mouth and traveled down my throat. I sucked on his head until he had expended all of his semen into my mouth. Because he is so much older I was careful and gently and slowly sucked on Jim’s cock until the last of his sperm oozed out and I swallowed it down my throat. Then I softly kissed his organ until it became flaccid.

We sat on the couch together as usual for at least a half an hour. He held me close, stroked my hair and told me how beautiful was. I was just what I needed to hear. I looked up at Jim and said “did you enjoy yourself? Jim said that I was so beautiful and he loved me so much. We sat together and basked in the glow of our intimate encounter. I had become a “Sugar Baby” and I was loving every minute of it.

The Fight

My bodies cold
lips are blue
why did I do this because of you?

I feel the earth below me
like a pillow under my head
no knives, no guns, but pills instead

The bottle lays empty
cap unscrewed
what did I do? what did I do?

My spirit floats my body lays
my lover finds me
and he prays

I reach for him
I’m sucked away
like a deep crest of a wave

he pounds the ground
screaming why oh why?
I asked myself why did I?

My parents arrive, my best friend too
I thought to myself, What did I do!?

I look away the pains to deep
my life is over because of me

I look back for one last glance
they zip me up in the body bag.
I did this to ease my pain
I lost instead of gained

as I look down my family
I regret that night
my life stopped ticking
because of a fight.